These questions are commonly asked during the interview process. Preparing for these questions and recognizing how to communicate your answers in a fashion that aligns with the person asking the questions will set you up for ultimate success.

Hurwitz uses the popular children's story of rock soup to present an interesting interviewing strategy.

In this article Bruce Hurwitz explores the best way, in a job interview, to handle having been fired.

You want to gather data about the candidate so that you can make a solid decision. Most companies get that. However, the goal is to also create an environment where the candidate has the same evaluation opportunity. That is the second dimension. One of the best ways to share the sales culture with candidates is through reverse interviewing.

The challenge here is that most salespeople accept what their prospects say at face value and they make assumptions. Which means they fail to ask the right questions. Many people feel that they are prying and this prevents them from probing deeper to discover the impact and implications of the problem. Pick at your prospect's scab, then offer them a Band-Aid.

Think that you can't get a sales job without sales experience? Think again. You may have more experience in sales than you thought!

Getting ready to fill a sales position at your company? The interview is crucially useful in helping you to identify star salespeople.

How to Hire Killer Sales People Every Time


Your business will experience pressure points along the way. Hiring the right people who know how to power through them on their own is essential to sustainable success. [...]