Dennis Yu is the chief technical officer at Blitzmetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train students. On the podcast, he discusses several of his unique techniques to digital marketing.

The importance and benefits of implementing AI technologies in content marketing. A detailed summary of different aspects of AI tools in marketing campaigns and everyday online content strategies.

Customer Complaint

10 Steps to Successfully Handling Complaints

Customer complaint essential steps on how to successfully handle customer service complaints.

What is Customer Service?

What is customer service and what needs to be done to make it work?

What is customer service and what needs to be done to make it work

Customer Loyalty

6 Keys to Earn It and Keep It With Customers

Customer loyalty increases customer retention and profits.

Let's accept the fact -- the current market is extremely competitive and in order to survive in this hostile condition you constantly have to look for ways to engage your customers.

Nothing is more frustrating than picking up the phone saying, "Hi, here I am ready to buy," and having some rep go into a story bragging about how great the company is and all that they can do. That comes off as pure arrogance to a business owner. Use the KISS test when you're selling. Always ask yourself if what you're doing is actually necessary.

An endless string of ringing phones, overflowing email inboxes, bosses, coworkers, competitors, complaints and water-cooler gossip inundate our days. Often the stress to close a deal or get things done keeps us awake at night. In the world of selling, just like the Superbowl, there are fantastic distractions but in the end nobody is really saying or doing anything. Until along comes someone who sticks out for how "unsalesy" they are.

Customer service is an important issue that needs to be dealt with when it comes to the business of generating B2B leads. Remember that good sales leads are obtained from pleased business prospects.

Your customer has a problem and they took the effort to call. This can have a negative impact on your ability to get B2B leads in the future, but there is no need to panic. Mad customers give us an opportunity to show how committed you are to them.