In a world where sales professionals only seem to want to sell you something, we're creating a sales professional who offers value first.

The National Association of Sales Professionals is a community that empowers individuals everywhere, with the resources and perspective to practice influence at the highest level. Our community offers personal growth internally and externally. A development of growth in corporate environments, in our homes, and always for a mutually beneficial outcome.

NASP History

We accomplish this influence through specifically crafted developmental assessments, certifications, online programs, and corporate trainings.

Over the years, the word “sales” has developed an ego-centric image ultimately creating a negative viewpoint of the sales professional. The persona reads as: I need a sale. I need a commission. The “I” attitude outweighs consideration for anyone else. The perception of sales has to change. This change starts with those actively participating in the field.

We bring the skills of intra(external) and inter(internal) personal influence to the future leaders of tomorrow. These skills can translate into amazing sales professionals, but also speakers, presenters, corporate leaders, community advocates, politicians and influencers universally. We also seek out new partnerships with underprivileged youth and high school sponsorship programs.

In the midst of negativity, the ability to influence yourself, setting your own value is the first and most important lesson anytime can learn. In and out of sales. When you know your value, you are able to focus on adding value to others. When you seek to add value to your customer first; commissions and financial security will follow.

When influencing others, active listening allows you to truly hear your client's needs. The new golden rule reminds us: 'To treat others, not how you want to be treated, but how they want to be treated.' You must value yourself and communicate in a style that matches your client.

Our certification symbolizes a value-based, mutually beneficial, win/win, client first, Sales Professional.

The value of a CPSP will be felt to the customer. Not just an employer or the sales professional. A customer would seek out the advantage to work with a CPSP graduate because they know, wholeheartedly, they can provide value.

This would allow companies to market their sales people as Certified CPSP. Additionally, opening up opportunities to create re-certification and continuing education programs.