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Brooke Dukes

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Certified Professional Salesperson
Certified Professional Sales Person

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Known as an influential communicator, passionate leader and value focused consultative salesperson, Brooke has blazed a trail of multimillion-dollar achievement across industries including IT, Finance, Travel, Insurance, Coaching and Organizational Culture. A trusted advisor of CFO's, COO's and CEO's, she has leveraged intense product and service expertise to build a competitive advantage- fostering loyalty and collaborative problem solving that has been instrumental in the success of Align to Thrive, NASP and other Trusum Visions Companies.

Over the past 20 years Brooke has honed her skills as a leader and top sales professional. She was Director of Business Development for two Fortune 100 companies over 10 years before taking her skills into the private sector and building a thriving health insurance agency. Brooke joined NASP in 2007 focusing on supporting her team, coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and sales professionals and creating new client relationships in the area of cultural and behavioral change. She has worked with some of the largest and most successful companies in the world; Companies such as Lear, General Motors, United Airlines, Terumo, First Merit and many more.

As a key member of the leadership team tasked with growing the business, developing and delivering new products, coaching, training and building a strong team to support the company culture and the ultimate vision, Brooke has been instrumental in the company's revolutionary success.

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  • Owner | The Titan Team
    Feb 2010 to Feb 2012
  • VP - Strategic Development | NASP
    Sep 2007 to present
  • Waterford Mott
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    1986 to 1991